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КИБЕРСЛАВ / CYBERSLAV Trailer & Images by Evil Pirate Studio

Featured here today is the trailer for animated project/movie "CYBERSLAV" (КИБЕРСЛАВ), made by Evil Pirate Studio that is pretty awesome - showcasing all the goodness of mixed geek genres (cyberpunk / dieselpunk / anime / whatever genre this rocks) I adore - and I would watch the sh*t out of it! And if that's "Techno-Viking", then I'm all over it!

Spotted on Facebook and HAD to share here! Ya know, it would be easy to say; "This would make a great live-action piece!", but I'd heartily say: LEAVE IT ANIMATED, least folks water down the genre(s) more than needing to "please the mass popular-culture" has, IMHO.

Check out the official www on, and stay connected via their Facebook (featured images here via).

Produced by Stanislav Dmitriev
Animation by:
Ilya Matveev
Ivan Petrov
Vladimir Berg
Sound Design by PapaCarlo Production
Music by Oligarkh x Volkovich Viktor

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