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AUGUST 16/2020: I do not update this blog as often as I'd like to these days (yes, this is an "understatement"), but nevertheless continue daily on these blogs: Toys & Collectibles TOYSREVIL-Blog at Movie/TV POPCORNX-Blog @ POPCORNX And as well do consider following me on my socials: Instagram @toysrevil Facebook @toysreviler Facebook @toysrevilx Twitter @toysrevil YouTube @toysrevil As well I am open for PayPal donations (Address: " toysrevil [at] "), and appreciate your continued support in my efforts. THANK YOU! Cheers, Andy TOYSREVIL

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Love Death + Robots: Trailer, Poster & Promo Stills

КИБЕРСЛАВ / CYBERSLAV Trailer & Images by Evil Pirate Studio

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Nihonbashi Koukashita R Keikaku

"Rise and Shine" - Overwatch Animated Short starring “MEI”

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Trailer & Clip for #MUTAFUKAZ animated film from Ankama x Studio 4℃