StarVeil Test Animation by Dave Rapoza

"This is a little bit of a much larger StarVeil trailer I was going to finish for the launch of the full book. It was more of a test to see if I could even do any animation in the first place. I was never entirely convinced that I'd ever use any of this animation for anything after I'd completed a good chunk of it due to rewrites in the book and progression in animation. It was an awesome learning experience! But yeah, after a couple years of sitting on this I decided to just release what I had seeing as I wouldn't be using it for anything.

It's entirely hand drawn in photoshop frame by frame then exported as video files."
- shared Dave Rapoza (Creator of Skull and Shark! Freelance Illustrator.)

All #Overwatch Cinematic & Game Trailers

The world could always use more heroes….

Seen here is a compilation of all OVERWATCH Cinematic Trailers (excluding the latest, "Alive"), for a 25-minute tour deforce of animation + Gameplay Videos - of Multiplayer first-person shooter game from Blizzard Entertainment - including;

- Overwatch Cinematic Trailer 0:02
- A Moment in Crime Special Report The Junkers Overwatch 5:37
- Soldier 76 Origin Story Overwatch 7:12
- Overwatch Theatrical Teaser We Are Overwatch 8:37
- Overwatch Gameplay Trailer 9:30
- Overwatch Gameplay Trailer #2 14:46
- Introducing Roadhog and Junkrat Overwatch 18:55
- Introducing Soldier 76 Overwatch 19:58
- Introducing Lúcio Overwatch 20:40
- Overwatch Origins Edition Digital Bonuses Preview 21:27
- Volskaya Industries and Numbani Map Preview Overwatch 23:48


"Alive" Animated Short for #Overwatch from Blizzard

"Tracer" attempts to thwart an assassination attempt by "Widomaker", in this latest promo for "OVERWATCH", the result of which is a story-driven piece, and frankly pretty much a good watch, IMHO. After the earlier Cinematic Trailer for the game's launch (circa 2014), I'd still stick to the adage I'll watch the heck out of a animated movie version!
PRESS: "Overwatch launches May 24, 2016 on PS4. Pre-order now to unlock early access to the Overwatch Open Beta for you and a friend starting May 3."


Introducing "Infini-T Force"!

"Tekkaman, the Space Knight" … "Casshan" (from "Casshern") … "Ken, the Eagle" (from "Gatchaman") … and Hurricane Polymar … classic characters from Tatsunoko Productions, together in a single unit - Presenting "Infini-T Force"!


First seen as a manga "in the December issue of Shogakukan's Monthly Hero's magazine on October 31", with "Shogakukan released the first compiled book volume on April 5." (reported animenewsnetwork.com / see video below).

This anime adaptation will apparently have a different storyline than the manga's, and will utilize "3DCG" by Digital Frontier, who is "collaborating on the project as part of the celebration of Tatsunoko Production's 55th anniversary in 2017." (reported animenewsnetwork.com).

"Reboots" are the rage, and I am all for reboots of classic anime heroes, myself!

This first P.V. showcases the Gatchaman character "in action"! Here's hoping we'll get to see the other three characters' own spotlights too :)



DEEZER - Music Unleashed (featuring designs by McBess)

Directed by French collective CRCR, featuring designs by McBess, and produced for streaming music app "Deezer", circa 2013. Full credits on www.crcr.fr/DEEZER.