TIE FIGHTER - An Animated Short Film by Paul Johnson (think Star Wars in Japanese Anime)

"What if there was an Empire-focussed short Star Wars animation, drawn with the crazy detail and shading of classic 80s anime that's all but vanished from Japan nowadays? … Drawn and animated by yours truly over 4 years' worth of weekends, with music by the living guitar solo Zak Rahman and sound design by up and coming audio technician Joseph Leyva. Fans of Lucasarts' seminal 1994 TIE Fighter game may notice a few familiar sights and sounds. That “incoming missile” noise gives me horrible flashbacks to this day..." (shared Paul Michael Johnson AKA OtaKing77077 / / Video first posted #onTOYSREVIL circa March 2015)
"I always loved those really classy oil/acrylic-painted movie posters by folks like Drew Struzan, with all kinds of stuff going on in the background for you to spend ages dissecting with your eyes. You know the ones. So I wanted to try something like that, except in the cel-shaded style of the short film. The results are nowhere near the original Star Wars movie poster level of quality or composition, but I guess it does the job." (OtaKing on deviantart.com)
(Above WIP first posted #onTOYSREVIL in 2012)


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