"The Future is Now" by Josan

"The streets are silent, and the Tech-Bars are empty. The Authority of Robo-City 16 has issued a registering order. Run to Checkpoint K!"
Launched on Kickstarter now is Volume Two of "The Future is Now" artbook by Josan Gonzalez from Spain, and it looks pretty much awesome! Reminiscent of the kinetic insanity of Geoff Darrow detailing and spirit of Moebius in it's palette of notions, you can as well check out still images of his artwork on Behance for Volume One and Volume Two (current). #GLORIOUS

And while this is not a purely "animation" project, the trailer features a splendid use of animation to support/promote the Kickstarter.

The project has since surpassed it's goal, but you have until April 14th to sort out your needs, for an estimated October 2016-delivery. Above video created by Josan himself, featuring electronica track composed by VHS Glitch.

(Special THANKS to Ham Hams for the headsup on my Facebook!)


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