"A Love Story" from Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill encourages folks to "cultivate a better world" with this splendid "A Love Story" - featuring “I Want It That Way” performed by Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes and Jim James of My Morning Jacket. Produced by Blake Mills.

A LOVE STORY: "The moment young Ivan saw Evie, it was love at first sight. Needing money to ask her to a movie, Ivan starts innocently competing with Evie's food stand. The result devolves into a thirty-year-long fast food rivalry. Using every trick in the book, they unwittingly abandon their integrity to win customers. But when they can no longer recognize their monstrous creations, they ultimately discover what truly matters, their love for real food...and each other." (chipotle.com)
Source: facebook.com/chipotle

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