Nissin Food Products has offered up the animation titled "SAMURAI NOODLES", which depicts the story of "the birth of the instant noodles", with Nissin themselves being "THE ORIGINATOR" of instant noodles.

Bold statement, along with bold and striking illustration styles seen here! Kashiwa Sato (Art Director / Creative Director), Takashi Okazaki (cartoonist / illustrator) , with Ring ROY (musician / rapper) and Shingo Suzuki (bassist).

""SAMURAI NOODLES" is, to innovate the food culture of the world by the invention of instant noodles, with animation that depicts as "samurai" the founder Momofuku Ando who continued challenge throughout life to the creation of a new food, the birth of instant noodles the story has developed in the hard-boiled view of the world surrounding. " (


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